Shas Partnership


EVERY YEARS JEWS around the world celebrate the completion of another cycle of Torah readings on Simchas Torah. It’s a yearly event that just about every Jewish child recognizes. But a Siyum HaShas on the completion of a cycle of Talmud learning? They’re FAR rarer. That’s why when they do happen, the excitement is tremendous, for those who climbed the “mountain,” and for those who are just sharing in the joy of those who did.

Yeshiva’s around the world learn Talmud Bavli daily, but it is the rare individual who learns ALL of its 36 tractates, its 2,700 folio pages altogether.

What an accomplishment!

What a merit!

Not everyone has the opportunity to learn one of the single most important bodies of Torah, and lifeline of the Jewish people. But, you can join together with someone who will try to do exactly this, b”H, and share in the amazing merit, for yourself or in honor or memory of a loved one. The goal is to complete “Shas” in just over ONE YEAR. And when I make the siyum, b”H, at the completion of each tractate, and eventually all of Shas, you will be making it with me.

Starting Date, b”H: January 1, 2019

On the following pages will be a rare opportunity to have a part in this great mitzvah and merit. You can choose to be a partner in a single tractate, an entire Seder, or a single tractate of your choosing, Yissachar-Zevulun style.

They say that Rav Chaim Volozhin once learned Torah on behalf of someone who could not, or at least to the same degree he could. After the person died, the man came to Rav Chaim in a dream and was able to explain a section of Torah that he, the deceased, could not have learned during his lifetime, or in the time since he passed away. Rav Chaim concluded from this that helping a person learn Torah not only earns the benefactor a mitzvah of chesed, but a portion in the Torah learning itself, whether the person is a man, woman, or child, living or already in the next world.

Siyum HaShas